About us

We’re Redefining the Future of Housing – One New Build at a Time.

At Oaks Living Homes, we’ve got a clear vision for what New Zealand’s future should look like, and we’re on a mission to deliver it. How, you wonder? Well, that’s simple. 

We provide first-rate housing solutions that combine affordability, functionality and exceptional quality – all while fostering thriving communities for generations to come.

The Home of Elevated Property Development in New Zealand.

Brick by brick, we’re revolutionizing the way housing is being developed across the country. Through our focus on efficient project management, sustainable design and community engagement, we’re reshaping the housing landscape for the better. Strategically located in convenient, well-connected areas and built to endure, we have been expanding our presence both within and beyond Auckland since 2020 – and there are countless more exciting developments on the horizon.

Ready to make your first leap onto the property ladder? Oaks Living is the ideal solution. Built with young professionals and growing families in mind, our terrace’s new builds make property ownership a seamless and fulfilling experience.

Retirement villages aren’t your only choice. Everyone deserves peace of mind in retirement, and you’ll find it in one of our exceptional terrace properties. Meticulously designed, energy-efficient, and equipped with accessibility features, they are the perfect choice for enjoying life’s leisurely years in style. Our commitment extends to integrating all generations into a harmonious and inclusive living environment.

Looking for an investment property in New Zealand? We’re ready to soar to the top of your list of leading property developers in New Zealand. Designed in a contemporary style and with endurance in mind to maximise your investment, our terraces are the perfect addition to your portfolio.

We’re More Than Just a Property Developer.


To provide high-quality, affordable housing solutions throughout New Zealand, while ensuring that everyone has access to safe and comfortable homes. We aim to make a positive and lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities by creating sustainable and inclusive residential developments.


To be a leading property developer in New Zealand that is recognized for our commitment to affordability and exceptional property development. We aspire to enrich the overall well-being of society by creating thriving communities that foster a sense of belonging, promote social cohesion, and enhance the quality of life for all residents.


Quality Policy Statement

Quality Construction


Accessibility and Inclusivity


Sustainability and 
Environmental Stewardship

Partnering for Impact


By adhering to this mission, vision, and policy, we aim to contribute to the creation of a more equitable and sustainable housing landscape in Aotearoa by providing affordable homes that improve lives and build stronger communities.


Project Details

Name: Coronation Garden

Units: 226 units

Location: Māngere Bridge, South of Auckland

Status: Completed 2024


Exceptional Quality Homes.
A Value-Driven Approach

With such a well-defined vision for what we want to achieve at Oaks Living Homes, having a solid strategy to keep our mission moving is essential. Our core values,  relationships, forward-thinking and passion are central to bringing our vision to life.

At Oaks Living, passion is the foundation for everything that we do. It fuels our mission and ensures the results we produce embody each one of our standards, values and goals. Notably, we are ultra-passionate about:

  • Pursuing excellence in everything we do
  • Persevering and overcoming difficulties
  • Being bold, courageous, and resilient

Housing development is a long-term mission. That’s why lasting relationships with experts, local authorities and the people who make up our communities are so important. As an organisation, we prioritize:

  • Cultivating collaborative relationships with stakeholders
  • Treating stakeholders with integrity and respect
  • Caring for our communities and environment
  • Embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity

In the ever-evolving and dynamic industry we operate in, forward-thinking is not just an option; it’s a necessity. That’s why we are steadfastly dedicated to:

  • Transforming into a more sustainable business
  • Harnessing innovation to shape our project delivery approach
  • Implementing industry best practices
  • Continuously learning and growing as an organization
  • Fearlessly embracing uniqueness and challenging the existing norms

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