Fulfilling Dreams. Creating Homes. Building Communities.

At Oaks Living Homes, we want to make an incredible impact wherever we build, defined by the quality of our homes and the well-being of our communities. 

That’s where our Nine Powers come into play a focused curated checklist of attributes that each and every one of our developments must adhere to.

Nine Powers: Our Core Guiding Principles

Innovative and Practical: Each of our homes is designed to maximise space utilisation while incorporating modern features and functionalities, embodied by contemporary terrace homes that enhance the living experience. We also offer a selection of accessible and inclusive homes, ideal for a diverse range of residents including retirees or individuals with mobility challenges.


Located in a Growth Area: When you’re spending your hard-earned money, you want to ensure you’re investing in the future. That’s why our newly built homes are strategically located in areas with growth potential, ensuring residents have access to amenities, services and opportunities for personal and community development.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

Our homes are designed to be simple, yet modern and stylish – this includes a selection of modern terrace townhouses and apartments. By focusing on functional layouts and clean aesthetics that cater to residents’ needs, we ensure every homeowner gets the most out of their living space.

Desigin Image

User and Environmentally Friendly: As well as incorporating energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources and building with environmentally friendly materials, our homes are user-friendly too. We celebrate green space, honouring our beautiful surroundings in New Zealand and finding ways to connect communities with nature. Moreover, Oaks Living Homes are thoughtfully designed to harness the sun’s energy and maximize energy efficiency, featuring expansive windows and glass in living and bedroom areas.

Safe and Secure: The safety and security of every generation are paramount to us at Oaks Living Homes. This is why we make use of secure entrances, meticulously designed staircases, and level entries into property – always considering, meeting or exceeding benchmark global construction standards. The resident’s peace of mind is our top priority.

Built to Last: Each and every Oaks Living Home is designed and constructed for durability and longevity, ensuring homeowners can enjoy their investment for years to come. Notably, our homes adhere to stringent quality standards, utilizing modern construction techniques and materials to guarantee longevity and minimize maintenance costs.

Community Centric Approach: Purchasing an Oaks Living Home means more than just acquiring a property. You also become an essential part of a larger community, one where residents’ sense of belonging and social interaction matters. Local amenities and terrace communities are often a major consideration when sourcing the perfect building location.

Easier to Buy: Every home is designed at the right size, built on freehold land in growth locations. This means everyone has a chance to own their first home or buy for rental investment. Our purchasing process is designed to be streamlined and straightforward, with support provided to prospective buyers every step of the journey. 

Built to Grow Your Wealth: While our focus is primarily on affordability, we understand the importance of long-term investments. This is why we select locations that have the potential for growth and appreciation, ensuring that housing investments remain financially viable for property investors and offer potential equity gains for first-time homebuyers. Your investment with us is designed to not only meet your current needs but to grow your wealth over time.

Sustainable Property Development in New Zealand and Beyond.

The future of our planet should matter to everyone, especially those planting roots in a home or investment property. We’re committed to creating sustainable homes, delivered through an environmentally conscious process that’s as green as can possibly be.

Greener Homes. Greener Future.

Prioritising energy efficiency

  • Efficient design principles including proper insulation and natural lighting and shading to reduce energy consumption organically.
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances, lighting systems and HVAC systems in every home.

    We’re dedicated to building homes that not only meet your needs today but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Fostering sustainable transportation

  • Encouraging greener transport options, including bike lanes, pedestrian-friendly pathways and public transportation accessibility.
  • Incorporating electric vehicle charging infrastructure and promoting car-share initiatives.

    By fostering sustainable transportation choices, we contribute to a cleaner and more environmentally conscious way of living for our residents

Engaging with our wider community

  • Working with government agencies, NGOs and industry experts throughout decision-making processes.
  • Engaging in continuous and open-minded dialogue to better understand their needs and concerns to ensure a positive impact on the broader community.

    By actively engaging with our wider community, we aim to create not just houses but thriving, connected neighborhoods that benefit everyone involved.